Roman 5 racing frame

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Roman 5 racing frame

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Versatile FPV racing frame for 5-inch props with removable arms and stretched layout.


This well engineered frame from pro pilot Mr.Ehitaja is reasonably light-weight, very serviceable and crash resistant. It has plenty of room inside to accommodate virtually any setup. Slightly stretched motor layout gives extra stability on pitch axis and thus suits well for freestyle pilots too.

Features & specs

  • Stretched motor layout - ultra stable pitch axis.
  • Removable arms - easy to repair.
  • Max 5" props - M3 screw hole mount pattern for most 22xx / 23xx motors.
  • 30x30mm electronics - max stack height 30mm.
  • Frame weight 82g - with bundled standoffs, bolts and nuts.
  • Protected camera - compatible with most full-size FPV cameras, frame nose has extra protection for camera in case of front collisions
  • 6 standoffs - proven to be much more resilient in hard crashes, when compared to 4 standoffs on most frames


2x double arms 4mm thick carbon fiber
1x top plate 1.5mm carbon fiber
1x bottom plate 1.5mm carbon fiber
1x middle plate 1.5mm carbon fiber
2x optional side mount for FPV camera
2x optional nose protection plates
6x standoff M3 black nylon 30mm
12x aluminium bolt 10mm M3
4x steel bolt 15mm
4x steel nut M3
1x velcro strap for battery

Recommended build


Brotherhobby 2306 Deadpool
Brotherhobby 2207 R3
Brotherhobby 2206 R3 Bluecap


HQProp 5x4.5x3 v2 or 5x4.5x3 v3 or 5x4x4 for a low-kv motor (2300-2500)
HQProp 5x4.8x3 or 5x4.3x3 or 5x4x3 for high-kv (over 2500)


Cicada 33A 4-in-1 or TBS 25A Bulletproof for max 5S
Cicada 20A or FVT Littlebee 20A for lightweight 4S setup
Siskin 21A or Siskin 31A for smooth BLHeli_32


Runcam Swift RR for beautiful picture
Runcam Swift Mini for best pic for the money and extra flexibility of the smaller case
Runcam Split for ultimate lightweight freestyle build

Flight controller

Any with 30x30mm mount holes


TBS Unify Pro v3 
or any other


Tattu R-Line 1300 5S
Tattu R-Line 1300mah 90C or 100C for ultimate power on 4S
Tattu 1300mah 75C or 1550 75C

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Carbon fiber
Size 220 mm
Item weight (g) 82