Torvol Freestyle Pitstop Bag

Torvol Freestyle Pitstop Bag

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Shoulder bag which makes quad repairs easy and effortless.


The Torvol Pitstop Bag features a portable work area integrated into the bag. Unfold it entirely to transform your bag into a convenient PITSTOP area to perfect and repair your drone. Use the quad straps to secure your quad, zip the bag up and you are ready to go to your next race.

Strap a Torvol Quad Transmitter Case and FatShark goggles case to the exterior of the bag and you are set for a session. Grab it by the handle, sling the 2-in-1 FLIGHSTRAP over your shoulder, or simply store it in your daypack, it’s small enough to fit.

Key features

  • Torvol PITSTOP
  • 2-in-1 FLIGHSTRAP
  • Exterior goggle and transmitter attachments
  • Torvol CLEAN SPACE

Additional features

  • Easy-access tool organizers.
  • Big propeller pocket stores 40 props.
  • Front pocket stores up to 5 LiPos.
  • 4 mesh organizer pockets.
  • Drone attachment straps.
  • Wear and tear resistant lining.
  • Large carrying handle.
  • Durable buckles.
  • Strong zippers and zipper pullers.


Weight: 0.9 kg
Dimensions: 28 × 14 × 27 cm
Internal dimensions: 25 x 11 x 24 cm
Capacity: 1 quad
Color: Black/Torvol Racing Green
EAN Code: 3700693500746

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