TBS Tracer Immortal T Antenna RX antenna

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TBS Tracer Immortal T Antenna RX antenna

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Ultra-compact T-shaped dipole antenna for TBS Tracer radio link.


The default antenna included with the TBS Tracer is the Immortal T 2.4GHz antenna, manufactured by TBS. It is made from light weight, multi-strand stainless steel wire in an injected rubber enclosure, RF balanced with a balun between active element and ground.

The combination of weight, durability, expected range and performance is bar none with this antenna, and it is ideal for race and freestyle miniquad use.


Cable length: 80mm
Antenna width: 60mm
Weight: 0.84g
Gain: 2dBi
VSWR: < 1.4
Expected range: Full range (15mi+/25km+ with TBS Tracer)


Tracer Immortal T Mount
TBS Tracer Immortal-T Antenna Arm Mount by SanderPuh
TBS Tracer Antenna Universal Mount Immortal-T by mocky
TBS Tracer T-antenna mount by ehitaja_fpv

Additional Information

Additional Information

Polarization Linear
Antenna connector U.FL
Frequency 2.4 Ghz