Tyrone XH230 high-kv 4S BNF RTF setup

Tyrone XH230 high-kv 4S BNF RTF setup

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Pro grade FPV racing quadcopter Bind-n-Fly (BNF) or Ready-to-Fly (RTF).


Pro grade FPV racing quadcopter on sale

Manually built and tuned by a professional FPV pilot. This flying machine is real performer, assembled using same components that have won several national FPV Races. In FPV racing scene there is no room for unreliable components or untested solutions - only best and proven components are used. This is one of the fastest BNF quad you can buy today.

This setup stands out with its powerful and high-rev DYS MR2205 2750kv racing motors that makes it blazing fast on a 4S battery and 2-blade prop. It is fast also on a 3S battery, just install a set of 5040 or 5045 triblade propellers and you will be faster on 3S than that Average Joe on his 4S machine! This setup is for someone seeking a winning race machine.


  • Assembled by pro racing pilot
  • Modern top performance yet real-world-tested components used
  • True X motor layout and wide diameter guarantees smooth and stable flight, very predictable handling
  • Super light weight build - AUW without battery 330g
  • All electronic components isolated with liquid electrical tape, fly in rain and snow - no problem


  • Tyrone XH230 symmetrical X motor layout frame
  • Lightweight yet durable frame designed and thoroughly tested by experienced FPV pilots
  • Top quality full 3k woven carbon fiber is used


  • STM32 F3 controller runs Betaflight 3.0.0 4k/4k/32k.
  • Fully tuned setup - PIDs and filters adjusted according to frame and motors.
  • Two flight modes installed - Acro (default) and Horizon.
  • MWOSD installed and configured - displays armed status, flight time and battery voltage.

List of components

  • Tyrone XH-230 full 3k carbon fiber unibody airframe with 3.5mm bottom plate
  • 4x DYS MR2205 2750kv high performance racing motors
  • 4x Sunrise Cicada 25A BLHeli_S ESC running Multishot
  • 2 sets of DAL 5045 HBN PC propellers 
  • BeeRotor PDB with current sensor and battery voltage sensor
  • Flip32 F3 + OSD AIO flight controller with integrated OSD
  • Aomway 25-200mW adjustable power video transmitter
  • Moy short cloverleaf racing VTX antenna
  • Runcam Swift FPV camera

For complete Ready To Fly please add:

  • Radio TX and RX (SBus / iBus compatible preferred)
  • 5.8ghz FPV goggles with video RX
  • 3S or 4S LiPo battery (1000...1500mah)
  • LiPo charger with suitable power supply

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