4-inch pro-grade Ready-To-Fly racing drone

4-inch pro-grade Ready-To-Fly racing drone

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4-inch pro-grade FPV racing quadcopter Ready-to-Fly (RTF).


This is unique offering - ultra light weight yet powerful 4-inch FPV racing drone for sale as complete RTF package! Together with FrSky full-range diversity receiver with configured telemetry. This build is right in the middle of "gold standard" big 5-inch racer and agile lightweight 3-inch "new age", combining both worlds. Result is extremely agile racing drone that competes successfully with 5-inchers on a tight course. It also suits well into a park or bigger backyard.

Here is a HD video where frame designer Mr.Ehitaja testing his build with Runcam Split.


  • Top performance, race-tested components
  • Super light weight - AUW without battery 163g
  • Compatible with 4S or 3S batteries
  • 25-200mw FPV VTX with OSD
  • Top quality Runcam Swift Mini FPV camera with 2.3mm lens
  • Full range FrSky XSR-M diversity receiver installed with full telemetry


  • Roman 4 frame.
  • Lightweight yet durable frame designed and tested by experienced FPV pilots.
  • Stretch X motor layout, keeps "clean air" for rear props, results ultra stable flight characteristics.
  • Replaceable arms.
  • Top quality full 3k woven carbon fibre is used.


  • STM32 F3 controller runs Betaflight 3.2.0 8k/8k/8k.
  • Fully tuned setup - PIDs and filters adjusted according to frame and motors.
  • Flight mode installed - Acro only (Horizon mode support in hardware and software).
  • OSD installed and configured - displays armed status, flight time and battery voltage. Allows to alter flight controller and VTX settings.
  • Full Smart Port telemetry - battery voltage & alarms, ability change rates, PIDs and VTX settings from compatible FrSky transmitter.

List of components

  • Roman 4 frame
  • 4x Brotherhobby T1 1407 3600kv high performance racing motors
  • Sunrise Cicada BLHeli_S 4-in-1 ESC
  • 2 sets of 3-inch HQ 4x4x4 durable polycarbonate propellers
  • FrSky XSR-M full-range diversity radio receiver with telemetry
  • FuriousFPV Piko BLX flight controller
  • FuriousFPV Innova 25-200mW adjustable power video transmitter with OSD
  • FuriousFPV linear racing VTX antenna
  • Runcam Swift Mini CCD FPV camera with 2.3mm lens

For complete Ready To Fly please add:

  • FrSky Radio transmitter (Taranis Q X7 or X9D)
  • 5.8ghz FPV goggles with video RX
  • 3S or 4S LiPo battery with XT30 connector (750...850mah)
  • LiPo charger with suitable power supply