MXK PDB & OSD & 5V 12V BEC & LC Filter

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MXK PDB & OSD & 5V 12V BEC & LC Filter

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PDB with integrated MinimOSD allows clean and simple build with minimum wiring. Dedicated USB port gives easy access to OSD firmware.


Input: 2-6S LiPo (7-26V)
1 x Battery input
4 x ESC outputs in pairs
Integrated OSD
USB connection (with auto RX/TX disconnect of FC)
Regulated 5V output
Regulated 12V output
Integrated LC filter
Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 6mm
Mounting holes: 30.5mm

Compatible with: KV OSD, MWOSD and all other MinimOSD firmwares.

Optional bridge 12V out directly from battery (in case of 2-3S input).

Optional bridge to set camera and VTX input to 5V.

When OSD connected via USB in will be automatically disconnected from flight controller RX/TX ports.

NB! OSD function of this PDB does not have VBat nor RSSI input lines (like Micro MinimOSD has). All data for the OSD needs to be fed in through serial connection from flight controller. Thus to get voltage shown on OSD you need to have a battery voltage divider in flight controller. 

NB! When using this PDB on high-performance setup where high-current ESCs generate noise that BECs are unable to smooth out the OSD function might become unstable. Common symptom of this is OSD text disappearing on sharp maneuvers or throttle up. Also lines across video feed on high throttle. Please add capacitors to 5V (OSD disappearing) and 12V (lines on throttle up) power rails. 470 uF cap should work for 5V and 220 uF for 12V.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Function BEC, OSD, PDB
Item weight (g) 15

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