Tyrone XH230 frame

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Solid symmetrical X freestyle frame suitable for 5" propellers and 22xx / 23xx motors. Configure your frame according to your needs by choosing base plate thickness, type of standoffs and frame screws.


Features & specs

  • Symmetical X motor layout - easier tuning and predictable handling.
  • 230mm motor to motor - extreme stability in acrobatic flight.
  • Max 5" props, 22xx or 23xx sized motors - no unneccessary holes for tiny motors
  • Dry weight from 98g - the lightest configuration without nose and tail protection bumpers, with nylon standoffs and aluminium bolts.
  • Up to 55deg camera angle - with included camera mount for HS1177, Swift or Arrow.


Design goal of Tyrone is to take everything we know about top freestyle frames and add to it. Take the best, make it better.


No frame can be the lightest and strongest. But it can provide the options to allow everyone to hit the right balance point. That is why we provide so many options for you to get the exact version for your preference. Take a look at the number of options and how it affects the dry weight of the frame:

Configuration / Weight (grams) 3.5 base 30mm3.5 base 35mm4.0 base 30mm4.0 base 35mm
Bare carbon 88 88 95 95
Bare carbon with bumpers 92 92 99 99
Nylon stdoff + alu bolt (wo bumpers) 98 99 105 106
Nylon stdoff + alu bolt 102 103 109 110
Alu round stdoff + alu bolt 104 106 111 113
Alu step stdoff + alu bolt 110 112 117 119
Alu step stdoff + steel bolt 114 116 121 123
Alu hex step stdoff + steel bolt 116   123  
Steel stdoff + steel bolt   117   124


Unibody design

This gives us the lightness. 3.5mm base plate option for the optimal balance between weight and stiffness. 4.0mm version for real basher, backyard crawler. Despite of symmetrical layout the arms are connected to body from top and bottom areas of frame which greatly reduces arm length thus allowing to use much wider "shoulders" and bring risk of arm breakage to the minimum. 

Symmetrical 230mm X

Symmetrical layout is not just a hype. Stability, linear handling on pitch and yaw is what makes this apart from traditional H layout. Also it makes it much easier to keep the same tune for flights with or without HD camera.

HD camera ready

Body area is kept relatively short to keep good control over pitch and yaw. But it is long enough to allow easy HD camera mount along with decent battery pack. Camera can be installed using de facto standard techniques of two crossing straps. When preferred optional nose bumper plate can be raised further to become dedicated camera mount.

Flexible VTX mounting options

Great deal of thought has been put into figuring out the optimal and flexible way to expose the VTX and antenna without keeping it vulnerable for violent crashes. Antenna can be mounted right on the back plate where rear arms will protect it. It can be installed with angle connector and then tied to the tail plate. Or it can just be mounted the old ZMR way through the hole in the top plate so the battery will protect the antenna connector.


1x bottom plate 3.5mm or 4.0mm thick carbon fiber
1x top plate 1.5mm carbon fiber
1x optional tail plate for FPV antenna mount
1x optional tail bumper
1x optional nose bumper
1x optional flight controller stack plate
2x optional side mount for FPV camera
8x standoff M3
16x screw M3

Additional Information

Additional Information

Material Carbon fiber
Size 220 mm
Item weight (g) 100
Manufacturer N/A

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